Vision Quest by Nevill Drury

Vision Quest by Nevill Drury

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Vision Quest a Personal Journey Through Magic and Shamanism by Nevill Drury

Publication: 1984 Prism Press first paperback edition

Numerous works have been written on magic and occultism, but very few have attempted to describe in a personal way the actual mystical and initiatory experience that accompany these practices.

In this book, occult author Nevill Drury describes his own exploration of the occult tradition, including his magical jolf neys into the 'separate reality' of inner space. He shows how through the techniques of visionary magic, guided imagery and native shamanism, sacred and awe-inspiring states of consciousness can become accessible. There is also a unique section describing the use of electronic music for magical meditation.

Many books on shamanism, including Carlos Castaneda's popular works on the magic of Yaqui sorcerer Don Juan, have presented the shaman's journey in the context of an exotic culture. Nevill Drury believes that the shaman can be a city-dweller, that there may be a shaman in each of us, and that we can learn how to contact that magical reality.

Vision-Quest is a personal account of such a journey.

"Nevill Drury demonstrates, perhaps better than anyone has ever done before, that modern western occult magic sometimes has trance and visionary aspects that are unexpectedly similar to those of classic shamanism"

- Professor Michael Harner, author of The Way of the Shaman (from the foreword of the author's previous book

The Shaman and the Magician)


Condition: clean copy, Very Good