Catalogue 30 Occult Variety: It has been four years since the advent of The Rose Books & Obscurities, and one year year since the opening of our store front. An occult catalogue to commemorate is only fitting. This catalogue contains a trove of occult classics and some hard to find works in exceptional condition. Some works on Rosicrucianism, including a true first edition of The Real History of the Rosicrucians. Some significant works by Rudolf Steiner, Manly P. Hall, and Thomas Taylor. There are a few items on theosophy, a limited edition of the now scarce Apologia Alchemia, a beautiful copy of A Manual of Occultism by Sepharial. A few hardcover volumes of Percival Harolds scarce occult periodical The Word. One of the highlights of this catalogue is a complete set of the pantheon edition of Myths and Legends, which was limited to only 250 copies. Enjoy, and thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey.
Catalogue 28 Pt. 1: Spring Esoteric Variety (Part 1)The first part of our Spring Esoteric Variety catalogue is now Live on the website. We have included a wide range variety of esoteric titles, mostly First Edition or early printings; some highlights include an early two volume set of Isis Unveiled by Blavatsky from 1892 in the desirable gilt binding. There is a scarce edition of The Hidden Way Across the Threshold by J.C. Street, a couple of First Editions by Manly P. Hall including The Space Born, First Edition of Septenary Man by Jerome A. Anderson, The Soul of Man by Paul Carus, and The Mysteries of Mithra by Franz Cumont. There will be a second part to this catalogue later this spring. Typically we will be breaking up our Spring and Summer catalogues into sets of two. Release at the beginning and end of each season. 
Catalogue 27: Autumnal Theosophical Catalogue: a small variety of early editions from classic theosophical authors. Some highlights include an early edition of Isis Unveiled in Fine condition, an early edition of Occult Science in India, a nice set of Theosophical Manuals, the Occult Series edition publishing  John Lovell company of The Pilgrim and The Shine, and a few others. We will have more Theosophical catalogues in the future. Thank you, enjoy! View
Catalogue 26 Pt. II Summer Solstice Occult Variety (PART II): now Live on the website. Here is the second part to our Summer Occult Variety catalogue. We have included a nice variety. Included are a few Theosophical classics along with a few works from Manly P. Hall including his Magnum Opus The Secret Teachings of All Ages. A few scarce signed works have also been included; an early First Edition by Geoffrey Hodson, a rare signed work by Joseph Murphy Ph,D. ,and a First Edition of Divination by John H. Manas. Some editions related to Jacob Boehme worth mentioning, including a rare hardbound copy of The Jacob Boehme Society Quarterly. View
Catalogue 26 Pt. I Summer Solstice Occult Variety (PART I): now Live on the website. I’ve included some classic occult editions mostly ranging from the 1950s-1970s. Many First Edition In Fine condition with unclipped dust jackets. A couple of highlights include: Initiation Into Hermetics by Franz Bardon (1962 First Edition) , Sword of Wisdom by Macgregor Mathers (‘72 UK First Edition with the color frontis, and. A few sets in fine condition, and a nice copy of The Great Liberation by Arthur Avalon. A few other items are not photographed here but may be viewed on the website. I will be adding a few additional titles over this weekend. Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend.

Catalogue 25: Manly P. Hall Petite Collection

Manly P. Hall remains one of the most impactful western Occult Philosophers history has ever produced. Over his 70 year career he wrote over 150 volumes. The intention of this small catalogue was not to showcase the massive body of work which he produced. But simply provide collectors with a few uncommon items; Including some Signed First Editions. All of which are in Very Good to Fine condition.  View 

 Catalogue 24: Rudolf Steiner Classics

Our first catalogue fully dedicated to the works of Rudolf Steiner is now available on our website. The catalog is compromised of early English Editions in Very Good to Fine condition. The aim of the this collection was to add a somewhat diverse spectrum of works from Steiners extensive range of Occult topics. We try our best to present works in collectors condition, as are most of the works in this catalogue.  View 
Catalogue 23 : Autumn Occult Miscellany 
A Micellany of a variety of Occult subjects. Most books in this collection are in Very Good, Near Fine or Fine condition.  View

 Catalogue 22: Used and Rare Occult Classics

We have ceremoniously numbered our first catalogue as #22. This catalogue includes a list of used and rare books from some of the authors that we have been known to produce throughout our first two years of business.

Enjoy. View Online